Securamesh Palisade Pro Fencing System  

Secura Palisade Pro is a complete overhaul of the traditional palisade system, making it more secure and safer than its conventional counterpart. The edges of the profile are folded in making the pale neater, more rigid, and safe to touch. It also uses a patented bolt head protection, mitigating the opportunity to remove the head of the bolt with a chisel. Secura Palisade Pro is an ideal system to be used around schools and nurseries.



There are 3 different pale types available:
Single point—simple yet effective deterrent against climbing.
Round Top & Notched —unintimidating design, ideal for schools.
Triple point—maximum protection, ideal for higher levels of security.

 Heights of the system range from 1.2m – 3.0m. Other heights are available upon request.


We offer:

  • Straight posts dug into the ground, set with concrete 
  • Bolt down posts with baseplates
  • Cranked posts over the top of walls 
  • Bespoke posts as required


With our inhouse workshop, we can design and manufacture a variety of gates cladded in Securamesh. From single leaf pedestrian gates, to fully automated vehicle gates and anything in between. 


standard colours include :

  • RAL 6005 Green 
  • RAL 9005 Black

Other colours are available upon request.  

Other fencing types:

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